The woman gave food to a homeless man and a day later found out that the beggar was Richard Gere, who had come out to town

During her stroll through New York’s streets, Frenchwoman Carine Combeau spotted a homeless man who appeared to be seeking for food in a trash can. She carelessly went out and bought him a pizza. She discovered that she had met a Hollywood star the following day from the newspaper.

Carine was strolling beside her husband and son, who had recently traveled to New York from Paris for a vacation. She met a homeless man in Manhattan and felt bad for him since he couldn’t afford to just take in the beauty of the place; the beauty of the buildings was partly overshadowed by the need to find sustenance.

Due to her poor English language skills, the French woman who delivered the man the pizza was unable to even introduce herself. She only mentioned that the pizza was a little chilly.

You’ve been incredibly helpful, so thank you very much. Carine subsequently recalled, “I believe he said something along those lines.”

The Frenchwoman was shown a newspaper the following day that included a front-page photo of her with that man. In actuality, it was Richard Gere who chose to go through town while dressed as himself for the movie “Time Out of Mind.”

Carine and her family simply happened to wander into this area of town; they had no idea that a neighboring movie was being made. The incident turned out to be an intriguing one, and Gere later admitted to media that the woman’s generosity had a significant impact on him.

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