This Is Not An Edited Photo. Look Closer And Try Not To Gasp

Though not very well-known, the 1985 film “Evil Town” features a few noteworthy scenes. This picture, which features Lynda Wiesmeier, captures one such instance. A young guy and lady dressed in throwback attire are seen standing in front of a car in what appears to be a standard 1980s image at first glance. The woman is dressed in high-waisted white shorts and a bright red blouse tied at her waist, while the man is dressed in a gray sweater with multicolored shapes and dark shorts.

The scene is what really draws the eye. The scene is nostalgic and natural, with big trees in the background and them standing in front of an old brown station wagon. You’re taken back to the 1980s by the car, the clothes, and the trees.

This picture is a fun throwback that makes you feel nostalgic and highlights how much has changed. Examine it more closely, and relish the trip down memory lane.

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