‘Price is Right’ contestant stuns Drew Carey with ‘best Showcase bid in the history of the show’

In Friday’s astounding episode of The Price is Right, the price was almost correct.

Host Drew Carey was completely taken aback during the Showcase Showdown when a participant placed a bid so near to the true value of the item that Carey referred to it as the “best Showcase bid in the history of the show.”

Playing the game, Patrice Masse of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, advanced all the way to the Showcase Showdown. He bid $39,500 for a prize package that included a new car and a trip to Miami.

Carey was rendered speechless when it came time to disclose the prize package’s true value.

He started, “So, let me tell ya..” while Masse and the throng were waiting impatiently for the outcome.

“Three thousand, eighty-one.”

Watch the crazy moment in the following video.

Since Masse’s bid was less than $1, he took home the two prize packages.

The current regulations state that the winner of both showcases is the competitor who comes within $250 without going over. Masse was one of the few Double Showcase Winners of the show because to his amazing guess.

Patrice, congratulations! What a fantastic victory. That will undoubtedly rank among the greatest victories in game show history.

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