This is Kanon Tipton: The 4-Year-Old Preacher Captivating Millions

Preacher Kanon Tipton is a third-generation Pentecostal. He is a huge star because to the over 4 million views his talks have received on YouTube. Even though Kanon is now 4 years old, her first public speech was given when she was just 21 months old. He snatched the microphone from his grandfather at that very first time and blew everyone away with a sermon in baby language.

Kanon’s father, Damion Tipton, considers his son’s preaching to be “phenomenal.” Even though Damon is aware that Kanon is mimicking adult speakers, he is certain that his son possesses a unique gift from God.

Individuals react differently to Kanon’s teachings. Paul Bentley of the Daily Mail finds Kanon to be too adorable to ignore, especially when he declares, “The Lord is here tonight!” Huffington Post editors are taken aback by Kanon’s impassioned and dramatic delivery, comparing it to that of a long-serving preacher.

Still, not everyone is certain. Newsday’s Diane Werts is still unsure. According to her, a National Geographic Channel documentary about teenage preachers, such as Kanon, suggests that the reason for their enthusiasm could be that their parents are preparing them to become “Stars for Jesus.” There are questions regarding the sincerity of Kanon’s desire, which

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