White woman had gave birth to a black baby from her white husband

On February 17, Rachel, a Tennessee woman who works as a cashier at Celina 52 Truck Stop, welcomed her baby Cash Jamal Buck. In this case, their baby Cash is black, but Rachel and her fiancé Paul Buckman are both white.

“Congratulations to our cashier Rachel and her fiancé Paul Buckman on their baby Cash Jamal Buckman being [born] on Saturday at 6:18pm,” the parents said when they announced the news on Facebook.

However, the users didn’t think that Paul wasn’t the biological father, so they quickly accused Rachel of cheating when they noticed that two white parents had welcomed a black baby.

Following that, Celina 52 Truck Stop revealed, “Paul is the father, yes.” Due to her African American ancestry, Rachel may jump generations and give birth to a child who has darker complexion.

They continued by mentioning the potential for jaundice and concluded with the words, “Please be kind.”

However, there were a lot of jokes in the comments section, including :

“Well done! He certainly looks like his father. What is his location?

“Needs a DNA test for sure; what if the kids in the nursery were mixed up by accident?”

I’m sad for Paul; falling for such a sleazy trick is unheard of. Maybe he’ll come to his senses.

“For the haters saying that I [don’t] have black DNA maybe this will clear it up straight from my ancestry DNA results!!!!” Rachel then revealed the results of her own ancestry test. NOW QUIT discrediting my reputation and the name of my fiancé, Paul Buckman. He really is Lil Cash’s father.

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