A Touching Tribute: The Iconic Budweiser Commercial

We would like to share with you a moving advertisement that still evokes strong feelings in us on this solemn anniversary of 9/11. This one-time commercial effectively conveys the spirit of harmony and memory.

The magnificent Clydesdales take center stage in this recognizable Budweiser commercial, honoring the lives lost on that tragic day. The ad opens with a dramatic vision of horses running across a field, elegantly putting on their gear, and then pulling a wagon away from a quaint barn. Spectators marvel at these magnificent animals as they pass by on a snowy rural road.

However, the scene is not over yet. With the skyline of the metropolis visible in the distance, the horses cross the Brooklyn Bridge and enter the heart of New York metropolis. One of the Clydesdales’ faces is shown in close-up, displaying the sturdiness and resolve in their gaze. And then there’s a stunning vista of the Statue of Liberty, which represents the tenacity and optimism that characterize America.

The horses bow before the famous site as the music rises, a potent show of respect and unity. The tribute given to individuals who passed away in this moment profoundly moves the viewers.

This moving ad, which debuted at Super Bowl XXXVI on February 3, 2002, has left a lasting impression on all of us. It reappears online on this somber day each year, serving as a constant reminder of the strength that comes from solidarity and remembering.

Let us pause to reflect on and pay tribute to the people we lost on September 11, 2001, as well as to recognize the fortitude and resiliency that characterize our country. We are united as a group now by our common memories and the desire for a brighter future.

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