A son took his mother to a nursing home, where he visited her from time to time. One day he was called because his mother was not feeling well. Then the son, with tears in his eyes, asked her what he could do for her, and the mother answered:

Is the proverb “what goes around, comes around” something we ever stop to think about? Many times, we engage in particular behaviors without fully realizing the impact they have on other people. Luckily, life finds a way to remind us that we should be a little more thoughtful.

After his father’s death, one man decided he could no longer care for his mother and decided to put her in a nursing home. There, she wasn’t happy, and he just sometimes visited her.

One day, he learned that his mother’s health had gotten worse. She had no feelings at all. She seemed like she was getting close to the end of her life.

The son was prompt in his arrival at the assisted living facility. Without any delay, he went to his mother’s room to ask if there was anything he could do to assist.

The mother looked him in the eyes and informed him she had minimal requirements. When he realized that, he said he would be willing to fulfill her final wish.

The mother continued by saying that she sometimes felt as though the fans were suffocating her, which is why she wanted them changed. “If you could swap out the refrigerator as well… Sometimes the food went bad, and I was left sleeping hungry,” she said.

The son was surprised. He thought his mother didn’t know she was going to die. He then asked her why, on previous occasions, she hadn’t told him everything. Now it was too late.

Staring into his eyes, the mother said, “I know I will die, but I think of you when your children won’t want you next to them either.” They’ll also bring you over here.Then you will find better conditions. What you offer is what you get. Recall that.

These comments broke the son’s heart to pieces. He knew it was a mistake to have left his mother against her desires in a nursing home.

We should never lose sight of the fact that it is our responsibility to make sure our parents have happy, fulfilled lives in their latter years.

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