My 5-year-old son started avoiding his mom – His reason greatly worried me, so I confronted my wife

Robert, 32, is a husband and father who has been able to successfully manage his personal and professional lives with his wife Candice and their five-year-old son Samuel, who they all love to call “Sam.”

After eight joyful years of marriage, Robert and Candice are now parents. Both of them worked at first, but over the last five years, Robert has supported their family alone while Candice has been a stay-at-home mother.

As a result, Candice took great care of the house and their son while Robert worked till seven o’clock p.m. five days a week.

However, when Robert observed a shift in Sam’s attitude toward Candice, things took an odd turn. He would try to stay away from her if she attempted to hug or kiss him. Robert knew that something was not quite right. He was unable to comprehend why his son felt so cut off from his mother.

After a few days, Robert made the decision to speak with Sam.

“Sam, what’s up with your recent avoidance of your mom?” One day, when Candice was out running errands, Robert inquired.

“Mum is no longer the same. “She doesn’t want to share it with me because she has a secret,” Sam replied, his expression sad and confused.

“What are you trying to say? What is the secret?Robert enquired, fearing his son’s response.

“She frequently sobs in her room when you are at work. She screamed at me and begged me to leave when I asked her why she was weeping. Sam attempted to clarify, saying, “She was holding a photo, but as soon as I walked in, she put it into the green box and hid it under the mattress.”

Robert looked shocked. He couldn’t help but wonder what was in the green box Sam said and what may be causing his wife’s extreme sadness.

“How frequently have you heard your mother cry?” Robert wanted to know everything.

She has been weeping virtually every day this week. She believes I’m not listening, but I can still hear her and see her enlarging eyes. However, she now locks the door to her room, and she pretends as like nothing occurred when I knock on her door and ask her what’s wrong. Daddy, I don’t like it. You must take action regarding it,” worried.

“Son, don’t worry. There’s undoubtedly a purpose behind it, your mom. Robert comforted Sam, saying, “I’ll talk to her.” However, he was secretly concerned because he was unaware of his wife’s situation.

After a little conversation, Sam went to his room to play with his toys.

Robert knew that what he was doing was inappropriate, but he couldn’t resist looking beneath the mattress for the green box that made his wife unhappy.

There was a picture and some jewelry inside.

Robert saw that the man in the picture looked a lot like Candice, even though the picture showed a joyful family. Robert’s imagination wandered to the darkest depths at that moment. Is Candice maybe unfaithful to him? What made her possess the picture of that family that Robert has never seen or heard about?

Robert made the decision to speak with Candice while holding the picture.

“Is there someone you secretly love, Candice?” He questioned bluntly in a shaky voice.

How come? Rob, what are you discussing? Candice gave a combative response.

Robert continued, searching for explanations, and showed Candice the picture he was holding. “Who is this?”

Candice answered right away and with insight. “Oh no. With the weight of her secret at last revealing itself, she said, “I never wanted this to come out.”

Robert’s mind raced trying to figure out what was going on. “So, you’re saying that you cheated on me?”

“No! I didn’t lie, I promise. Alright, I’ll give you the whole thing, but please keep it to yourself,” she pleaded.

She inhaled deeply before beginning to relate her story.

“My grandma gave me this picture before she passed away,” Candice said, her feelings taking control. “My grandmother advised me to make my own decisions on what to do with it.

“My mother cheated on my dad with her partner, she disclosed. My brother and I were the twins she gave birth to. She loved my dad and wanted to stay with him, but her lover wanted to be a father.

Because of this, my mother’s partner and she made a covert agreement for each of them to adopt and raise a child in a separate household. My dad had no reason to disbelieve my mom when she assured him I was his.

Candice’s biological father gave her the grandson’s picture and told her the truth before he passed away.

My parents have been together for more than 35 years, as you can see. If he discovered my mom’s infidelity, it would destroy him. It was obvious how painful it was to keep that secret.

“Yet, I also want to get to know my brother,” the speaker said. She could feel her fear as much as her want. “I’m at a loss for what to do, as reaching out to him would ultimately cause harm to my parents.”

This discovery startled Robert.

“So, that picture, is that your twin brother?” Robert enquired. Candice said, “Yes.” Indeed, there was an amazing likeness between her and the man in the picture.

Robert gave her a hug and apologized profusely for having doubted her loyalty. However, why did you cry in your chamber so much?

“The reason I’m crying is that I was never able to get to know my biological father. Her voice broke from the weight of her confession, “I also can’t be in my brother’s life without hurting my mom and my dad.”

Candice was still unsure about what to do. She still has a lot of uncertainty about whether she should approach her brother and accept him into her life or keep quiet to protect her parents’ happiness.

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