She showed up at the altar even though he dumped her three days before the wedding.

Carly Akers, 30, of Kent, who has known Shaun for nine years and has two children with him, was getting married, according to the Daily Mirror.

But Shaun canceled the wedding three days beforehand. Despite her anguish, Carly attended her own wedding because she had promised her two daughters, ages two and six, that they would be bridesmaids. The daughters escorted their mother to the altar as she tossed the bouquet in front of family and friends.

Carly has accused Shaun of cheating on her; Shaun denies this. After finding out that the British woman had cheated on him a few years earlier, Shaun called off the wedding; the woman, however, vehemently disputed this.

“A woman’s wedding day ought to be the most lovely day of her life,” the bride went on. I found her to be the most depressing.

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