Rising McDonald’s Prices Frustrate Customers

McDonald’s customers are growing more and more displeased with the fast-food giant’s growing prices. McDonald’s announced an astounding $6.69 billion in revenue in just three months, far exceeding initial projections of $6.58 billion. The corporation ascribed this considerable increase to strategic menu price hikes. In addition, mostly as a result of these price hikes, their net income increased to $2.3 billion from $1.98 billion during the same period previous year.

Still up for debate is the exact amount that menu prices have increased. To put things into perspective, a Big Mac lunch at the Darien, Connecticut, McDonald’s costs an astounding $18. Many customers are frustrated by this sharp increase, and many have resorted to social media to express their displeasure.

Recently, a Reddit member posed the question, “What is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become?” to the online community. Not unexpectedly, one of the most popular answers was about fast food, with multiple remarks mentioning McDonald’s in particular. A person who was going to McDonald’s for the first time in years expressed how shocked they were at the outrageous costs. Someone else made the absurd observation that a “value meal” at McDonald’s now costs the same as a dinner at sit-down establishments like Applebee’s.

It is evident that the rising menu pricing are having a negative impact on McDonald’s patrons. Have you been impacted by McDonald’s price increases? Tell us in the comments section below.

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