Man captures glowing figure shining through clouds

For a great number of people, it is a sign.

Regardless of one’s religious affiliation or lack thereof, there are events and relationships in life that give us the feeling that they are a part of something bigger.

It is necessary to avoid doubting the things that happen or the difficulties that may come up on the path in order to have faith in God.

Alfredo Lo Brutto, who is from Italy, recently uploaded a photograph on social media that he had taken of a figure in the sky that looked strikingly similar to the statue of Christ the Redeemer that is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Reaching a height of thirty meters, this magnificent statue is not only the biggest representation of Jesus on the planet but also the highest art deco statue ever created.

When Alfredo posted the amazing picture he took over the Tyrrhenian Sea, it managed to spark some discussion. Some people think the figure is supernatural and a sign from God, while others insist it’s just the light streaming through clouds.

People’s opinions about photographs that have surfaced online have been divided before, and this time, there are a sizable number of people on opposing sides of the debate.

The view enthralled me totally. “I don’t usually post images on social media, but when I took this one, I instantly felt like I wanted other people to see it because it was so beautiful,” Alfredo told Daily Mail. “Since I don’t share many pictures, I don’t share them on social media very often.”

We can all agree that this image is extraordinary because it portrays the beauty of the natural world in which we live, even if you don’t think you can see a picture of Jesus in it.

What position do you occupy? What’s in front of your eyes? Do you believe there may be a connection between this sign and higher powers?

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