“Girl Crush” by Leona Lewis and Adam Lambert

Wonderful Vocal Performance: Leona Lewis and Adam Lambert Duet

Adam Lambert and Leona Lewis gave an incredibly captivating vocal performance of Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” when they took the stage. Fans frequently consider this duo to have two of the best voices in the business, and their performance enthralled a live audience while showcasing their amazing singing ability.

The act went viral quickly, receiving more than 10 million views on YouTube. Adam’s remarkable vocal ability was lauded by both fans and critics, igniting conversations about his unforgettable experience on “American Idol.” Whether he has one of the greatest voices in the music business right now is still up for dispute among many.

One of the show’s highlights is still Adam Lambert’s influence on “American Idol,” particularly during his electrifying rendition of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild.” Wearing black trousers and a leather jacket for a rock ‘n’ roll look, Lambert had a contagious enthusiasm. With his captivating stage presence and vocal versatility, he wowed the crowd and transformed the iconic rock song into a melodious realm replete with his trademark vocal tricks.

See the mesmerizing duet of “Girl Crush” by Adam Lambert and Leona Lewis here to witness the power of their combined singing abilities.

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