He’s Ungodly and Woke”: Guy Fieri Throws Tom Hanks Out Of His Restaurant

America’s favorite actor, Tom Hanks, was allegedly removed from one of Flavortown’s diners by the fiery-haired master Guy Fieri in a scenario that can only be described as something out of a weird comedy sketch. The cause? Hanks was called “ungodly and woke” by Fieri.

Let’s delve flavorfully into this strange culinary competition that’s brewing up a storm.Imagine the following scenario: Tom Hanks, the endearing Hollywood legend most recognized for his portrayals of the common guy going through a difficult time, enters a Guy Fieri restaurant probably in search of nothing more than a traditional American dinner.

Behind the counter, wearing his signature bleach-blond spikes and sunglasses, is none other than TV celebrity and chef Guy Fieri, who is known for his extravagant and vibrant tastes.

Things take a bizarre turn as Hanks settles in, maybe anticipating a big dish of Fieri’s famous Trash Can Nachos. When Fieri sees that Hanks is who he says he is, he walks up to the table and, against all logic and convention, calls him “ungodly and woke” and unfit for the hallowed halls of Flavortown.

“Ungodly and woke” is an oxymoron of epic proportions, especially when directed at Tom Hanks, the Hollywood version of Mr. Nice Guy. This is Fieri’s indictment.

How did Hanks come by this strange title in Flavortown’s kingdom? Was it his portrayal of morally pure individuals, or could it have been his compassionate and humble off-screen persona?

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