Robert Irwin reveals ‘special connection’ he has with late dad Steve: ‘very lucky I get to follow in those footsteps’

Steve Irwin, the recognizable star of The Crocodile Hunter, tragically lost his life to a stingray in 2006, leaving the world without one of its most renowned environmentalists and TV personalities.

However, his legacy has endured because to the support of viewers who grew up with his wildlife programs and his family, who have continued his vital conservation work at the Australia Zoo, safeguarding local wildlife.

Robert, 19, and Bindi, 24, have also followed in their father’s footsteps as television personalities and environmentalists. Even though Steve passed away when they were both young, his impact is still very much present in them.

Robert Irwin recently talked about the unique bond he shared with his late father and the morning ritual he adopted to honor Steve’s memory.

Numerous admirers have noted how much Robert Irwin looks like his well-known father as he has gotten older. Many of the images that show the teenager interacting with animals at the Australia Zoo resemble pictures that Steve himself would have taken.

In several instances, Robert has even imitated his father’s most well-known poses, such as cuddling a koala or feeding a crocodile.

Even though Robert was only two years old when Steve tragically died, it’s obvious that he’s a pro. Additionally, Robert recently disclosed in an interview a unique bond between the father and son.

In an interview with Adelaide Now, an Australian news organization, Robert said that they shared a strong love for the sea: Robert stated, “I’ve always been about the ocean from a really, really young age.” “That deep bond with the sea has always been with my dad.”

Robert went out on the water first thing every morning, saying he feels “definitely most at home when [he’s] next to the ocean.” When he does, he brings along a small piece of his father by using Steve’s old surfboards.

He told Adelaide Now, “I feel very lucky to get to follow in those footsteps.”

Robert said that they both loved photography to his explanation. Robert uses social media to post his own wildlife photos frequently as a unique means of carrying on his father’s legacy.

“I think it’s my own unique way of spreading the word about conservation and carrying on a mission that my dad started,” he remarked.

Robert frequently posts memories and homages to his late father on social media, frequently along with an old family photo. He most recently celebrated his parents’ 31st wedding anniversary by posting a picture of them.

He wrote, “My parents got engaged on this day 31 years ago and started what would become a legacy larger than life.”

“I adore my parents so much. Being their son makes me proud.”

It’s wonderful to see Robert Irwin carrying on his father’s legacy! Despite Steve’s early death, it’s wonderful to see Robert maintains a close bond with his father!

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