Everyone is speechless!: this is what 70-year-old Madonna looks like with no filters and retouching!

When you witness Madonna in her actual form, you will be shocked by what you see.

It’s clear that Madonna is still making a strong effort to retain her previous level of beauty and appeal. She tries everything, including surgery, filters, retouching, and aesthetic operations, to do this.

Many have observed that she is obsessed with her appearance, as if she were living a life of perpetual youth and beauty. She doesn’t think twice about showing off her figure in tight underwear, provocative clothes, and miniskirts.

She may be trying to maintain that “perfect” image, but it’s becoming clear how old she is. Unretouched paparazzi photos reveal her real face, complete with wrinkles and other imperfections.

She was recently seen by paparazzi arriving to an event celebrating her own book, and they took advantage of the chance to get the «perfect» shot.

Her black jacket, fishnet tights, and blazing corset caught everyone’s attention. Everyone saw that she had noticeable wrinkles and drooping skin. It quickly became clear that she didn’t resemble her Instagram persona at all in real life.

Strangely, a lot of people said she was trying very hard to look young. An old woman who refuses to age!, How much rest did I receive? What I’m seeing is astounding. Is this a woman I recognize?, The truth against social media.

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