Woman waves to bear from her car – look at his unexpected response 1 second later

Who said a 280-pound bear couldn’t have a personality? That is, based on one furry friend who is now making the rounds on the internet, anyway.

The bear lives among hundreds of other animals in the expansive grounds of the Olympic Game Farm in Washington. How he got to the farm is a mystery; perhaps he was rescued from a zoo and could not be allowed to go free in the wild. Here at least he’s free to live his life how he pleases. From time to time, people visit the farm to see the amazing creatures.

similar to the female lead in this story. When she saw the bear, she decided to wave. His response? Amazing beyond words.

Seeing animals that people might not otherwise be able to view in their natural habitat and learning more about nature are the main goals of farm visitors.

One of these visitors was sitting in her car one day when she gave the bear a casual wave. Amazingly, the bear waved back!

See their magical encounter in the video below.

I can watch this short movie clip again and again, despite how short it is!

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