He received a call from his parents informing him that they would send him a package.

The food and goods that parents send are pretty pleasurable, regardless of how they arrive—by coach, minibus, or rail.

Nevertheless, as the student in the previous case discovered the hard way, parents can occasionally be prankish.

He had recently arrived in Bucharest for his first year of college and moved into the residence hall.

When he called, his parents stated they would bring him a package. The young man hurried back to his dorm room after arriving at the train station and picking up a big box. However, he was taken aback when he opened it. There was no food inside, only wrappers and trash. Though initially confused about what was happening, the toddler discovered a note that clarified everything.

After utilizing your room, you left it messy. It said, “Please take away the trash.” in that spot.

The young man shared the entire incident on his Facebook page, taking pleasure in the practical joke and learning a valuable lesson.

Immediately after receiving thousands of likes and comments, the post became viral.

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