“What Made Them Move To Another House?”: The Reason Why George and Amal Clooney With Their Two Kids Left Their $13M Mansion!

Power couple George and Amal Clooney have recently gained attention for their quick thinking. The couple, who are well-known for their appreciation of historic and picturesque buildings, bid farewell to their cherished Berkshire, England, family home.

Shortly after their opulent wedding on the Venetian Riviera, in September 2014, the Clooney family, with two children, acquired the Grade II-listed house. With almost $25 million invested in renovations, the 11,000-square-foot estate from the 17th century was transformed into an opulent, modern residence.

Among its highlights are a 60-foot swimming pool with a covered patio and hot tub, an Astro-Turf tennis court, and a thoughtfully planned garden with pine trees. Because of its closeness to the Thames River, the mansion was susceptible to flooding even with its best efforts to maintain isolation, necessitating an additional $60,000 in flood-proofing measures.

The Clooneys took the decision to relocate as a result of serious water issues that were exacerbated by the unfavorable British weather. Despite the natural beauty of the place, neighbors attested to the couple’s absence from the property due to water up to four feet in the rear yard.

The Clooneys’ new house, a massive Provence wine vineyard, offers respite from the harsh English weather. The couple’s enduring love of European living is evident in the mansion, which has a tennis court, swimming pool, and lush gardens.

Their renowned Lake Como Italian house, which is cherished for its stunning surroundings and capacity to host distinguished guests, is a testament to their dedication to the continent.

Despite rumors that he was selling the villa, George Clooney underlined the value of the property and how much it had impacted his life.

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