The Unbreakable Friendship of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks

Tim Allen is a household name that audiences of all ages find endearing and familiar. The 69-year-old actor has had a lengthy career in Hollywood, and his accomplishments are clear to see. He still retains total faith in Tom Hanks, his co-star on “Toy Story” and close friend, though, despite all of the accolades and success.

Allen recently disclosed on Kelly Clarkson’s show that he and Hanks are genuinely good friends. Though they don’t always agree, Allen admires Hanks’ compassion and brilliance. It’s clear that they have a bond that started in the first “Toy Story” movie and has only gotten stronger over time.

Allen remarks sweetly and humorously, “We’ve been going to lunch twice a year since Toy Story 1, and we’re like two older women because we sit almost too close at a booth.” In fact, Allen relates a humorous tale about how, in “Toy Story 1,” Hanks casually tucked fries from his plate. This small gesture of friendship meant a great deal to Allen because he had not experienced such generosity in his early years.

Looking back on their friendship, Allen remarks, “I don’t think I’ve ever trusted a human being as much as Tom to even listen to me, let alone listen to me.” Despite their differing viewpoints on a variety of topics, Hanks has continuously stood by Allen, and he has come to be seen as the only person who actually listens to Allen without casting judgment.

Throughout their careers, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have avoided trouble because of their strong moral principles. Their genuine friendship is a wonderful example of their kind hearts and endearing personalities. It is nice to see the warmth of camaraderie between two famous entertainers.

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