Man Kept Hearing Strange Noises Under Driveway, Look What He Found Inside

A man finds a WWII air raid shelter in his driveway while researching the past.

When Simon Marks, 37, mistakenly believed his car had drove onto a flowerbed, he discovered that he had actually stumbled onto a piece of history buried beneath his driveway. He was assessing the damage to his automobile when he heard a strange sound, which made him want to look into it more.

An Unknown Revelation

Simon Marks was shocked to see the ground begin to give way as he knelt down to inspect the gaps in his driveway’s pavers. The pavers kept cracking, revealing a buried secret with a sinister sound.

Simon dug into the earth and found a bit of metal because he was curious. He originally tried to pull it out by hand, but soon realized that it was securely stuck.

Simon enlisted the aid of his father in his quest to solve the mystery. Together, they carefully removed buckets of muck from the area. After some digging, they discovered a gap that led to a rusted ladder that descended into the ground.

Revealing a Lost Past

Simon and his father discovered something amazing as they were descending the ladder. They discovered themselves in a World War II-era air raid shelter. These underground shelters were built during the war to shield civilians from bombings and other attacks, according to later research.

Simon came to the conclusion that the shelter had been hidden over time, perhaps by a previous owner who filled it in while constructing the house and developing a garden. The shelter’s one wall had been bricked up, possibly when the house was being built.

When Simon thought back on the discovery, he said, “If that’s the case, we’ll just have to leave it.” But word of the discovery immediately got around.

Keeping a Historical Artifact

Simon set off on a mission with his father to preserve and repair the air raid bunker. They think that because it provides a concrete link to the past, this historical detail shouldn’t be lost. Even though time has passed, they still see the bunker as a crucial reminder of the difficult period of World War II.

Their goal is for the shelter to be designated as a historical landmark, providing tourists with a window into a critical period of history. Simon and his father want to make sure that the difficulties and sacrifices of the past are respected and remembered.

A Snippet of History

The unforeseen discovery of a World War II air raid bunker under Simon Marks’ driveway is evidence of the historical objects’ continuing importance. Simon and his father serve as a reminder that the past should be treasured and remembered as they fight to preserve the refuge.

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