Four police officers grab a bite after a long shift – can’t believe what’s then written on their receipt

Four Louisiana police officers were working their regular shifts when they decided to visit Outback Steakhouse for dinner because they were hungry. They were unaware that the manager and server had noticed their uniforms as soon as they entered the establishment and were preparing to leave them a message on their receipt.

Restaurant staff pays for the dinner of a police officer
The lives of law enforcement personnel are on the line every day to protect the public. One restaurant’s workers made the decision to provide special thanks to the police!

The Best Regards
For lunch, supper, and even late-night meals, the Slidell police officers frequently dine at the neighborhood Outback Steakhouse. The restaurant’s manager, Arline Wood, has nothing but positive things to say about the police who come in. They’re the loveliest guys, according to server Zoe, and she enjoys having them in.

The Food Is On Us
Arline values their continuous support and always treats the personnel with respect and dignity. Two staff made the decision that evening to provide some of the officers who had arrived at the end of their shift extra attention. The four cops who were dining that evening were served by the Outback couple, who also took the check! Server Zoe sent the receipt, which was for about $67, along with a little message thanking the men for everything they do.

Outback’s viral video
The cops were deeply touched by this noble deed and in response offered Zoe a sizable gratuity! On the Slidell PD Facebook page, they shared a photo of the receipt and got even more supportive comments. Slidell PD reported,

Words cannot adequately express how this makes us all feel. I APPRECIATE YOU, MS. ARLENE AND ZOE, BEING SO KIND AND APPRECIATIVE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Arline, the manager, said she never anticipated this level of media attention and that her only goal was to express gratitude to the cops for their dedication.

Keep going
Arline and Zoe hope that by sharing this, more people will be motivated to thank the men in blue. The need to remind police officers that we still value what they do is greater now than ever!

A Recognized Good Deed

These women were able to express their appreciation and respect for the police officers who protect their neighborhood! Let’s hope that other individuals follow their example and give to others. This kind of good action helps to counteract all the negativity in the world.

Please spread the word so that more people can express their gratitude to those who give their lives every day to keep us safe.

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