Actress who played Rizzo in ‘Grease’ comes out of hiding after 20 years and looks unrecognizable

Nobody on Earth, no matter their age, can deny having heard of the well-known love story featuring the timid Australian transfer student Sandy Olsson and the charismatic Danny Zuko. Grease is still a hit today, over 43 years after winning the hearts of countless viewers and breaking box office records.

Surprisingly, Sandy and Danny had something that we all longed to possess. They made such an enormous impact on today’s youth that many of them imitated the movie’s dance moves. The singing and dancing from Grease, the mooning incident, the auto races, and the prom all occurred during the period that helped shape American society.

This cultural phenomenon, which remained popular for years after its release, helped Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta become great stars that everyone spoke about. A track by Newton-John, “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” was nominated for an Oscar for best original song.

However, outside just these two, Grease also contributed to the fame of others.

The majority of you have seen Stockard Channing’s portrayal of the disobedient Rizzo.
Channing, who is now 79, was 34 when she was cast in the role.

Viewers couldn’t believe how much she had changed since she had previously been on Lorraine Kelly’s daytime chat show to promote her brand-new West End play of Apologia.

Channing talked about Grease and how remarkable it is that people are still obsessed with it after all these years, among other topics.

I sincerely don’t want to agree to that! I don’t want to think about that number! I’m the world’s oldest surviving adolescent. When questioned about the musical’s popularity, she said, “It’s a little unnerving coming out of the theater with people pushing pictures in your face.

Everybody had something to say about Channing’s appearance. Many claim that she received a range of plastic surgery procedures.Why on earth had Rizzo altered her face? One of the remarks was in (sic).

Oh my goodness, Lorraine doesn’t even recognize Stockard Channing. It’s so sad that some people think they can’t just age gracefully.

I apologize. Stockard Channing seems a little frightful on @ITVLorraine.

How did Stockard Channing harm her face, one wonders? She doesn’t talk much at all.

After the Mirror published a piece regarding Channing’s appearance on the talk show and plastic surgery in general, more people entered the discussion.

The fact that (mainly) women feel they must constantly get new treatments in order to look young is such a disgrace. I imagine she would have aged nicely if not for all the fillers and shoving. She is a lovely woman.

Why should these celebrities care? Shouldn’t they just accept age, in my opinion? Women in their seventies and eighties who are wrinkle- and skin-free look fantastic.

Is it shocking that those who have more money than common judgment struggle terribly to uphold a fashion from forty years ago? They appear genuinely frightful as a result. There is no shame in looking 73, and things may get better if more actors and actresses refused to give in to temptation to look younger.

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