Shop workers warmed and fed a 12-year-old boy and he returned the next day to thank them

A woman who worked in a cosmetics store told the tale. One day, she spotted a youngster who appeared to be around 12 years old coming in daily, sitting outside the store, and pleading with onlookers for cash.

On one of those days, it rained, the youngster got wet, and he was visibly starting to freeze. The woman then invited him inside. He received hot tea, food, and clothing drying.

The youngster disclosed that he has a younger sister and lives with his intoxicating parents. He and his sister had to rely on requests for financial assistance each day to buy food.

He thanked everyone and left for home, but the following day he returned. He brought a bun and two apples. He claimed that was the only way he could express his gratitude. She was so close to crying. A lump formed in her throat. She was immediately brought to mind the proverb “Those who have less, give more.” So it turned out.

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