Little girl poses with Clydesdale but the photo turns out to be the ultimate photobomb

When the camera zooms out and the father gets a better look at his daughter, he can’t help but giggle.
We never get tired of seeing all the amusing and interesting photobombed pictures that are occasionally uploaded online. In all honesty though, wouldn’t you agree that the ones that involve animals are by far the best?

One such picture became viral after first appearing on Reddit; it was posted by an account that has since been deleted. The best part is that Time Magazine quickly reposted it after someone using the Facebook handle The Wolf 101.5 FM did. They just knew people would adore the shot so much, so they didn’t provide any information about when or who took it.

A young child and a stunning Clydesdale are featured in the well-known image, which BuzzFeed dubbed the best photobomb of 2016.

Facebook and The Wolf 101.5 FM as sources
Clydesdales are renowned for their extraordinary beauty and elegance. For Budweizer advertisements and promotions, this breed of horses has been utilized.

This time, the Clydesdale that the young girl was posing next to had a wide grin on its face and made the picture one of the best photobombs.

It attracted a lot of interest and thousands of comments.

To view one of the original posts, scroll down. Your day will be made by it for sure!


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