During the Miss Italy final, the 18-year-old girl shocked all the spectators by lifting her dress.

A Miss Italia competitor finished third in the competition in 2018, which sparked a barrage of jeers. The runner-up competitor was disqualified because she was wearing a prosthetic under her clothing.

Chiara Bordi, who you may not be familiar with, was picked as the second competitor in the 2018 “Miss Italy” pageant. The participant is a real fighter, you might say.

The 18-year-old girl had demonstrated back then that her disability was not a barrier but rather a source of power as she walked the stage with a prosthetic limb.

At the age of 13, the Miss Italia contestant who debuted her bionic leg initially was involved in a car accident. The strong-willed brunette has been determined to pursue her dream of being a model despite having her leg amputated.

The final contestant clearly succeeded in her mission because she placed third in the competition. Chiara Bordi, however, received a barrage of insults on social media, particularly Twitter.

“You disgust me, go home, people vote for you because you are crippled,”

We could see on Twitter that “You cannot represent Italy without a leg because you are crippled.”

Unsurprisingly, the young woman also got notes of encouragement, like as

“What amazing tenacity! Chiara, congratulations.

The protagonist, on the other hand, took criticism well.

I’m missing a limb, but you’re still got a brain and a heart. Frustrations and unhappiness are hidden underneath all this nasty behavior. I’m more interested in proving to the world that life is always lovely than I am in winning, the young woman told her critics.

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