These Siamese twins were separated at the age 4, now they are 18 years old. How do they live now

Jake and Erin Herrin welcomed two daughters, Kendra and Malia, at the conclusion of the winter of 2002.

The fact that the infants were Siamese twins prompted conflicting emotions.

The parents were quite pleased that their daughters had joined the family, but they were also concerned about what might happen to them in the future.

Kendra and Malia shared a life for four years, but their parents separated them because they wanted to give them the chance to live independently.

The girls only have two legs, but they can each control one.

They eventually became accustomed and were able to run and walk without any issues.

The twins had surgery to be separated in 2006.

There were 31 doctors involved, and they treated the girls for more than a day.

As soon as the media learned about this incident, Kendra and Malia started to gain some notoriety.

The twins have been living alone for 14 years.

Naturally, they had to adjust to a new way of life, but they did so over time.

Girls attend school, and occasionally they receive their education at home.

The girls also displayed talent; they both enjoy drawing and are not awful at it.

Kendra and Malia serve as role models for their peers and demonstrate that there are solutions to every problem.

They are admired greatly by their peers and are regarded as school heroes.

The girls look like this now that they are 18 years old.

The sisters lead active lives, have the chance to live apart from one another, and travel to other locations.

The girls are excellent drivers who recently completed driving school.

The sisters highlight unusual happenings from their lives on their YouTube channel and social media profiles.

Tens of thousands of people love the twins.

The mother of Siamese twin twins Kelly and Carter is in contact with the Herrin sisters.

They provide her advise based on their own experiences and assist the infants in any way they can.

Although their parents haven’t made a decision yet, Kelly and Carter are likewise preparing to end their relationship.

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