The quintuplets whose father left the family has to grown up. What the family looks like today

A young couple’s life experienced a completely unanticipated occurrence in 2015.

The couple was expecting a second child and had a daughter who was already growing up in the family when they found out they were having… quintuplets!

Even the doctors themselves expressed great amazement.

After all, the likelihood of this happening with a normal conception is 1 in 85 million!

And still, it took place.

The woman was offered to remove a few embryos right away so that the remaining ones could develop more securely, but she declined.

Three sons and two daughters were eventually born.

Even more astonishingly, there were two sets of identical twins among the little children!

The woman was shortly put behind the wheel of the family’s minivan after they were given a five-room apartment.

Unfortunately, Sergey was unable to resist the unexpectedly wonderful fatherhood that came upon him.

The man eventually left the family after some time.

The young woman’s mother was now her only source of support.

The woman had several small children, but she did not allow herself to “limp” because they needed her.

After hearing the story, kind individuals started an online fund to support the family.

It came at the perfect time to support a kind mother.

The bother with the kids has significantly diminished now that they’ve noticeably grown up.

During this period, the young woman also started her own blog, which went on to amass more than 200,000 followers who are interested in following the lives of a mother and her children.

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